Eco Star Solutions Inc Has Been a Recognized Leader In The Chemical Industry For Over 2 decades. All of our Products Are Formulated & Manufactured In Our Labs By Our In-house Chemists.

All our Products are Manufactured in the USA.🇺🇸  Eco Star’s proprietary formulas are one of a Kind and each has a specific & targeted purpose.

Our Products are specifically designed for the Trucking, Construction, Food & Beverage & Farming Industries. Eco Stars Products are pure concentrates without unnecessary fillers.

Our Products @ Eco Star are 100% guaranteed to outperform ANY of our competitors’ Products!

Eco Star Formulas are designed to save our customers’ TIME, MONEY & LABOR. Whether it be our Eco Star four in one Diesel Conditioner to Increase your trucks performance and have tremendous protection as well as increased MPG & fuel savings or any of a myriad of cleaning & maintenance products for your fleet such as Eco Star Foam off, Citra Foam Orange or Brite N Kleen for your aluminum.

All of Our Products are Manufactured in convenient sizes to make your company’s life easier and more time efficient.

All Eco Star products are packaged & available in convenient:

55 Gallon

35 Gallon

15 Gallon

5 Gallon

4X1 Gallon Containers

Eco Star Always supplies a free easy to use drum pump with 15 Gallons & Up. All Eco Star Solutions products are extremely easy & safe to use!

Each Eco Star product is very carefully labeled with easy instructions. Our chemists & salespeople are available for orders or technical assistance 24:7/365.

Please call: (914) 649 8800
Email: care@ecostar-chem

Recent Projects

Eco Star is always innovating & Has developed full Maintenance Programs For Many companies throughout the USA One of our Most recent Projects  Was Formulating An Aluminum Brightener That would Truly & Finally Brighten Aluminum. Trucks without Any Residue, Film or Streaking. By Combining 2 Acids  Hydrofluoric as well As Sulfuric Our Chemists have Achieved this and we now offer it to you as our Eco Star Brite N Kleen.

Please call: (914) 649 8800, 24:7/365
Email: care@ecostar-chem

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Our Recent Projects

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