Eco Star supplies & manufactures Cleaners, Degreasers, Tar & Asphalt Removers & Fuel conditioners (among many other products) for many Light & Heavy construction companies throughout the USA.

We have numerous products for your trucks, bulldozers, loaders, cranes and any light or heavy equipment. Protect your Trucks & Equipment! Save Money Time & Labor, Use Four in one For your Diesel.

CUT YOUR CLEANING & DEGREASING TIME in HALF! Use Foam Off, Brite N Kleen, Citra Foam Or Fleet Kleen for all your cleaning, degreasing & equipment maintenance for exteriors or your engines cut Baked on carbon grease, grease, oil or mag chloride in 5 minutes.

Pure concentrates, no unnecessary fillers, all cleaners and degreasers work beautifully by pressure, steam or bucket and brush. Use Salt Guard to protect against Mag Chloride & Calcium Chloride.

Please call for pricing & orders our operators are available 24:7/365 for Technical Assistance
@ 914-649-8800

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