Eco Star Wash & Wax


’Make Your Equipment Shine and Sparkle’’
‘’Restore Luster to All Your Vehicle Finishes’’

  • Use By Pressure Washer or Bucket & Brush
  • No Elbow Grease or Buffing
  • Easy to Use One Step Application
  • Gives Maximum Protection for Less Costs
  • Leaves Vehicles Spotless & Film Free with a Glossy Wax Finish

For use on Trucks, Cars, Buses, Trailers, Signs, Glazed Tile

  • Leaves vehicles spotless and film free with a glossy wax finish.
  • WIll Not Water Spot, water beads.
  • Gives maximum protection for less cost.
  • Restores luster to vehicle finishes.
  • Easy to use, one-step application.
  • Can be used by pressure washer or bucket and brush.

For normally soiled trucks or cars use 3 (1 to 42) to 6 (1 to 21) ounces per gallon of water or 1 gallon to 50 parts water for heavy cleaning or 100 to 1 for light cleaning. Heavily soiled vehicles may require higher concentration. Wash normally, then rinse with clean, cold water. Chamois dry, then buff finish to a high gloss with aclean, softcloth.

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