Eco Star Chemists have developed many USDA certified cleaners, degreasers & disinfectants specifically targeted for the food & beverage Industry.

These products are used for many different applications in food handling establishments

Whether it be cleaning equipment, vehicles or food surface areas, we have the safest, effective & most economical products for your company.

Use our multifunctional earth-friendly Eco Green for a multitude of cleaning tasks.

Emulsify and dissolve grease and oil on grills, fryers & hoods with our USDA authorized Eco Star – Super Charge Cleaner/Degreaser which contains no petroleum solvents!

Use By Steam, Pressure Washer, Bucket & Brush or Auto Scrubber

Please call for pricing & orders our operators are available 24:7/365 for Technical Assistance
@ 914-649-8800

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